Travelling to hill stations is a journey that most of us enjoy. After all, it’s not very often that one gets to visit hills with a family on vacation, considering the hectic working schedules and lifestyle that hardly leaves one with much of time to unwind. But there’s no doubt a family trip to beautiful hills makes it to one of most memorable photo albums as not only such trips help one experience peace inside and outside but also makes everyone including kids quite rejuvenated and fresh as compared to our lifestyles that we lead in cities. But since travelling to hills, somewhere, means going away from urban facilities as well, it’s extremely important to stay alert and active while collecting things that become necessities when you are well away from the regular world. Here’s the checklist of some of the most important things that one should carry along to stay well equipped for the hill trip in order to make it all the more relaxing, comforting, and enjoyable time. Take a look:

MEDICINES: No matterwhich hill station one goes to, it’s extremely important and should be on top priority to have all the medicines that you think your body could require. Generally, people traveling to hill stations find travelling in cars uphill, a bit sick. Since, this uneasy feeling could spoil the whole journey that should actually be a beautiful experience, looking around and enjoying the beauty of nature that’s considered unmatchable with anything else in the world. Headaches and nausea on heights are quite common, so make sure to take all your regular medicines and supplements to make your trip to hill station an unforgettable experience. Never take medication for granted while travelling to hills, especially, if you have kids and elders accompanying you. One should not rely on medication or chemists available at hills stations, though chances are there must be some clinics and chemists with important medicines but it’s completely mature sensible on your part to have your complete set of medicines that suits your body and those you found quickly effective. So, no matter whether you go with family or friends, make sure to have your medicine box ready.

GOOD WARM CLOTHES: It mightsoundsurprising to some who believe in carrying proper clothes for such hill trips, but it’s extremely necessary for those youngsters who in order to avoid heavy bags, don’t carry woolens appropriately. Good jackets and woolens clothes should be carried, especially with kids and elders. Always remember, weather in hills can change in a jiffy. If one moment you wish to take off all your clothes due to sun heat, the other moment, you might feel extremely cold. And that can make you feel unwell, and could spoil your time at trip. Weather in hills is not predictable, so it’s always advisable to carry clothes that can help you save from extreme cold weather conditions, as well Prepare yourself like a soldier, fully well equipped with everything that you think could be needed. Covering yourself properly will go a long way in helping you enjoy the nature at its best at any of your favorite hill stations, anywhere in the world.

DIVIDE YOUR BAGGAGE PROPERLY:  It might sound contradictory –on one side you are being advised to carry proper clothes which could result in making your luggage heavier while on the other – it’s advisable not to carry heavy luggage to hill stations. So, what to do? The best way to do both at the same time is to divide your clothes in different bags. Split up the stuff in a way that makes bags not so heavy and divides the stuff amongst various friends and their backpacks or family members. Baggage should be divided in such a manner that it should not become extra heavy and that too to be carried by one person alone. So, if every family member divides the burden of baggage, this can help you carry all necessary clothes and stuff without becoming a burden or headache for one person. Dividing the burden will always yield better results in life. The purpose behind carrying necessary clothes is to make you feel comfortable while enjoying even the most beautiful chilling and foggy weather.    

ALWAYS CHECK FOR HOTEL/RESORT ACCOMODATION AND THEIR EXACT LOCATION BEFOREHAND: Though you might have booked the room in best of hotels or resorts, it’s always beneficial to know the exact route or transport to reach your hotel well in time and without much hassle. I have seen people struggling and stranded in between with families trying to find the exact location and the route while they are on their way to hotel. Since there are remote chances of landslides or too much of rain/snow blocking one route, it’s always advisable to check for alternative route for some hill stations, if you are driving on your own. Planning a hill station trip with the family required more matured approach. So, it’s always better to ask for a pick up and drop service from airport or stations, in order to avoid any kind of irritation, even before you begin your vacation and its enjoyment. So, be careful while deciding accommodation as it’s advisable to avoid places which are too inside or too secluded. Try to look for an accommodation, which is easier to reach and easier to leave. Location of your accommodation could make your vacation all the more smooth and relaxing.     

ENQUIRE ABOUT WEATHER: Sinceweatherin hill stations is extremely unpredictable, it’s always better to enquire about weather properly beforehand. Since going to some hill stations could involve taking flights, it’s better to plan them well. Else, the whole trip could go haywire. Weather is one such factor that can turn your entire planning to vacate on a hill top upside down, if not planned properly. Though online can help you give some ideas about weather seasons, it’s always better to check with a hotel or your accommodation manager about the present climate conditions. Finding out about the weather from the horse’s mouth is the best way to ensure that nothing goes wrong while you enjoy your vacation.

Though enjoying a vacation anywhere in the world needs proper preparation, but going to hill stations, located thousands of feet higher amidst hills and dense forests, away from urban areas required all the more neat and 360 degrees planning. The better you are prepared, the better your chances are of enjoying a vacation and making it memorable. Be it with family, be it with friends – taking proper measures do not go waste. Instead, a little bit of extra effort put in while planning could help you enjoy your trip well and have peaceful besides beautiful trip. So, if you are planning a trip to hill stations, make sure to follow the above guidelines and have a wonderful journey.

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