There’s nothing more comforting and peaceful than visiting a hill station with a family or loving buddies. Looking at poor working schedules and poorer lifestyle around, it seems a trip to a peaceful hill station in near future will become more of a necessity than a luxury or a simple vacation trip. Isn’t so? In fact, nothing matches the fresh surroundings full of greenery, dense forest and huge hills when it comes to witness the beauty of almighty in hills. It’s been heard and observed that many doctors, across the globe, prescribe their patients a visit and a stay for few days at some peaceful hill station, away from noisy and earsplitting life of cities. Just to help our readers across the globe, who’ve been requesting us to help them find some of the best hill stations in USA, we bring a small list of spots that would leave you feel fresh, relaxed, rejuvenated and mesmerized. In short, you’ll feel you are reborn with a fresher state of mind. So, let’s get started…. 

Great Smoky Mountains

Also commonly called as the ‘Smokies’, Great Smoky Mountains, as the name goes, is one of the most sought after places and destinations when it comes to short-listing best hill stations in the United States of America. Located on the border of North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains are a sub-range of Appalachian Mountains and is famous for its Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is believed to be one of the most visited national parks in the country. If that’s not enough for you to decide to visit this beautiful and wonderful range of mountains, here’s another reason to help you hit the place right away. Here’s the reason – Great Smoky Mountains is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Considered as one of the best destinations and a must visit if you are in love with nature and wish to see the height of beauty in America, Great Smoky Mountains needs to be seen to be believed. Located on the Pigeon River and the Tennessee River, the mountains include amazing beautiful range of hills. The ‘Smoky’ name comes from the natural fog that can be seen around all over in the area. Some of the highest mountains that make a part of the beautiful range  are Clingmans Dome, Mount Guyot, Mount Le Conte, Mount Chapman and Old Black, to mention a few.  It’s a place for which one doesn’t needs to think twice. Believe me, have been there!                   

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The place is pure worth a visit, especially for those who love being adventurous while enjoying a trip to an amazing hill station. Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, is surrounded and carved by a beauty of river Colorado. It’s believed and reviewed as a place which offers not only some of the amazingly natural and beautiful sceneries, extremely soothing to one’s mind and soul but also opportunities for the adventure lovers. According to Wikipedia, President Theodore Roosevelt was a great supporter of preservation of the Grand Canyon area, and visited it on numerous occasions enjoy the scenery. In fact, the weather at Grand Canyon in Arizona is believed to be quite favorable to tourists who wishes to get indulge in various activities or simply enjoy the place and its mesmerizing picturesque landscape. If you plan to visit US, make sure to visit this dream destination to have a great memorable time and to get a peek into the millions years of history at Grand Canyon.


Located in Colorado, Aspen hill station is one of the most sought after hill stations and a places to chill and unwind. Situated in the Pitkin County of Colorado in the United States of America, some of the main attractions of the Aspen include Mount Elbert, White River National Forest, Roaring Fork River, Capitol Peak, Independence Pass, McClure Peak  and Glenwood Hot Spring, to mention a few. Needless to say, due to its magical and extremely beautiful sceneries that include mountains, ski resorts and amazingly dense green forests, Aspen becomes quite a place for couples and families who wish to spend some time together in a peaceful and beautiful way. So, all those friends, heading to US, who wish to take their better halves to a dream destination where they can fall in love, once again, this time with gripping panorama, Aspen is a place to be. Let’s get closer to nature here! 


Located in the New England region in the eastern part of United States, Mt Mansfield at 4393 ft is considered the highest in Vermont. A complete green blanket makes this place quite a destination for the travelers and tourists who wish to experience nature at its best in the west. Its mountains, rivers and greenery are considered amazingly beautiful and natural. Since the major part of this place is covered with forests, Vermont is not only exceptionally peaceful but also enormously attention grabbing. Once there, you would not like to leave the place so soon. The weather is also quite favorable to most, as it’s known to be neither too cold nor too hot. Though not sure, Vermont, the word, seems like being derived from the French les Verts Monts, meaning “The Green Mountains.” So, ready to fall in love with green shade of the almighty’s beautiful nature, once again!

Fairbanks, Alaska

It’s another beautiful place that must not be skipped if you wish to witness the magnificence of nature. Situated in the picturesque valley of Tanana, Fairbanks is a complete package of beauty and nature that makes for a lovely picture of nature that god has bestowed US. Known for its long winters and chilling weather, Fairbanks is a place that one must plan to visit if in town. Purely a delight to one’s eyes and heart, Alaska ranges and the combination of two rivers Tanana and Chena, makes Fairbanks a mind boggling beautiful destination that your family would love to experience – even once in a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for!

So, pack your bags, pick up your best and have a beautiful and splendor time of your life at these dream like destinations!  

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