“Surprising Secrets Revealed: 13 Girly Things Men Secretly Love”

If you think men hate the girly stuff, you probably haven’t caught them red-handed! Yes, despite how firmly they pass judgment on things that females do, there are times when they themselves couldn’t resist such things! The male tendency of behaving poised refrains them from showing the other side, which is definitely equally amazing! However, not all men like this but most of them have tried a few at some point of time, believe it or not. We have collected 13 girly things men secretly love and adore… Ssshhhh.

#1 Cuddles. You guy may not say or show this to you but this form of embracing is their weakness. Not just that they love it but they can sense you and your feelings. Cuddling is also known to prolong life and give you sheer joy.

#2 A lot of men like to go shopping. But they won’t admit, as always! Next time you see your man having great time shopping stuff, you know that he is actually enjoying it.

#3 It is not just women but men also love to watch rom-coms. And, to be honest, they might shed a tear or two without getting into your notice!

#4 Few men firmly believe that a bubble bath is the best thing after a tiring day at work.

#5 If you think your guy doesn’t know what all is there in your cosmetic bag, you are probably wrong! Some ladies have seen their partners using the shampoos, lotions etc. as it is hard to resist them sometimes.

#6 They simply adore standing in a posture where their hands are on their hips. Did you notice that? If not, maybe next time.

#7 Men go weak for the so-called girlish cocktails with some pieces of fresh fruits. Don’t be surprised, they are dessert lovers after all!

#8 There are men who don’t believe in washing their face with just plain water. Face washes, gels are their thing!

#9 How long they control, sometimes their funny side gets reflected in the amazingly weird (and funny of course) dance moves.

#10 One can be sure that men won’t deny getting clicked in the perfect pose for getting a great picture.

#11 Not just women, but men also enjoy their shower with a hairbrush in their hand and musical tunes coming out of their mouth! Girls aren’t the only bathroom singers, we suppose.

#12 Do you think that rolling eyes dramatically is just a girlish thing? Well, it is not.

#13 Even men like to gossip sometimes! After all even boys want to have some fun time bitching about their ladies.

Men doing girly things are all cute! Let us know which one you have seen your partner doing. We would love to hear from you.