“Like For Life: Simple Hacks To Make Your Everyday Life Easy”

Press ‘Like’ for life! 

Life is to live and love, if not others, at least love yourself. For some, life is a great journey, for many it’s out and out struggle between expectations and freedom, misery and wealth and what not, making life a terrible cribbing experience. But understand this well: Your life depends, to a great extent, on the choices you make. So, make sure to choose love, press ‘like’ to get the best of life. Despite daily pressures and stress, please have world class expectations, accompanied with world class hardwork and discipline, and you see where your life stands, five years down the line. I know, you’ve guessed the answer already….and that’s going to be a world-class too!

Ever wondered pressing ‘like’ for your life? Life liked is very different from life ‘not liked’ yet! If living doesn’t excites you, what else? Everything that makes life beautiful – hardwork, discipline, patience etc – must be liked and not hated, in the very first place.

We are not here to give you any sort of discourse, but since our objective has always been to help you iron out wrinkles out of your life, here we bring you tips and tricks to help you learn how to simply live, to begin with. Anything initially needs to be started slowly, carefully and well in control. Once living happily and relaxingly becomes your habit, the happiness spreads into other areas of work and life, as well.  

The things we are going to talk about are neither new nor difficult to do, but despite your elders telling you so much about life and its lessons, you haven’t learnt many simple lessons properly. Let’s give one more shot. Please try following them this time and enhance your and others’ life, tremendously.

Be in love, with yourself! There aren’t many whotruly loves life, but there are innumerable who aren’t happy with their lives. And that’s the first reason, you come across not many who are successful and happy but too many who are not so successful and unhappy. Right? Your success is directly proportionate to your love for life. Liking how you look might sound very simple, but if you aren’t happy with your looks, it will affect your mindset, affecting further everything that comes into your life. Mind it, it isn’t materialistic to love yourself, it’s clearly spiritual. Not loving yourself is doubting almighty’s creation. Yes, being in love with yourself is the best prayer, and a way to say thanks to Him, for creating you. So, please love yourself…forever.

Make workout a daily routine: As a very old proverb goes, “In healthy body, grows the healthy mind.”In these competitive times, where looks get you brownie points, there’s a dire need to follow a healthy workout regime strictly. Going to a gym or a sports complex is no longer considered fashionable but a sheer necessity, in order to keep the body moving and life going, uninterruptedly. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour in a gym, or a garden, or a sports ground, doing whatever you love doing. Be it aerobics and less of weights or be it playing soccer or basketball, that makes you sweat like your school days. Remembering, playing outdoors used to keep you healthy and energetic. And it still does, if you are willing to take out sometime daily, and make your body perspire. Doctors believe that stiff body isn’t a good sign at all. So, please do whatever but keep your body flexible, lean and well within weight. Workout is like a little body fee that you give every day, in order to use it well for rest of your life. Not bad though!

Starting your day early will keep you ahead: No matter, whether you are working or holidaying, habit of getting up early morning will make you healthier, more active and smarter. Yes, we understand that you know that very well. But it’s very unfortunate despite repeated attempts of life telling you what’s good for you and what not, most of you are unable to start your day early. If going to office, keeps you on toes, getting up a bit early, will help you keep your staff on toes. When you are enthusiastic about something, you enjoy doing it. Enthusiasm never lets you sleep for too long. If you decide right away to start your day early, from tomorrow onwards, well it’s worth spending time to read this article. It also makes us happy to change your life into a more charming and beautiful like early rising sun. It sounds easy to make a routine of getting up early morning and spend time doing workout or playing, but it will need your determination to do so. Determination has a lot to do with your quality of life at work and home. Got it!    


DRESS WELL, KEEP YOURSELF WELL-GROOMED: You might see all this as wasting time. But keeping yourself well-groomed has a lot to do with your life. How? How well you groom yourself, defines how well and serious you want people to take you. Please don’t expect others to blow your trumpet, if you are looking shabby and clumsy. And please don’t, for the sake of arguing, think of examples who have done great in life but never looked so well- groomed. There’s nothing wrong in looking neat and tidy. So, arguing and looking for loop holes always don’t help.

BE OPTIMISTIC AND POSITIVE: A person with positive and optimistic attitude is likely to be happier and contented with life. A person at ease and relax is likely to have happier and healthier body and mindset, resulting in a better family life. Without a doubt, there are equal negatives and positives to anything. Imagining and thinking of too much about negative happenings and results will result in same. Of course, putting hard work as much as possible, needs to be accompanied along in order to reach heights and attain respect.

CARRY NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE:  That’s what sets you apart from others. There are many running in race but ones with positive and never give up attitude hits the finishing line foremost. No matter what happens, what obstructions come on your way, just be there to fight back. The ones who don’t give up are most likely to make their mark in life.

KISS – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Please don’t complicate life. It’s not. It’s pretty simple. It’s your own brain and complex approach towards life that has created problems for most of us. Keep your focus on things that you need and work accordingly. Looking and following others, and not your heart, complicates life. If your heart desires something, your mind will help you get the idea on how to do it but if it’s something that you copied from somebody, it’s only going to make your life hell! Keep your thinking simple, hardwork like a soldier and be energetic like a child – will help you get your mission accomplished. Management gurus to motivational speakers across the globe keep teaching how to keep it simple and the benefits of keeping life and your thinking simple.

MEET BEST OF THE BEST OR READ A LOT: Copying othersliterallydoesn’t help but observing the successful around you will help you show their working habits, their positive attitude and their zest for life. And believe me, they are contagious. Nothing succeeds like success. No matter what you do in life, just try to be the best. It will take all those things mentioned above to make you succeed in life. Though it’s not possible for many to meet world’s best easily, reading their books and biographies would give you a fantastic insight into their thinking and working style. I find reading a book like a meeting and interaction with an expert person.  

STAY FOCUSED ALL YOUR LIFE: What you see is where you will reach. So, make sure to stay focused and follow your working style and heart, all your life, to attain all your dreams.

All the above points are the true ingredients that play a greater role in turning you into a smarter and powerful person. What you do with them depends on you, but if you apply all these rules in your life you’ll be a man whom people would like to spend time with. Positive and happy people are not so common to find these days. So, if you keep your head held high, work persistently, with your vision crystal clear, there’s nothing that could break you and keep you away from your destiny.  So, just press ‘like’ for your life, right away!