BLESSINGS: do we really value them?

Everyone prays. Everybody wants to be blessed. We want more and more of blessings ……But if you look carefully around, am talking about your life, you’ll be surprised to know that you’ve been blessed, since birth, many times and sensibly, you should also be shocked to know that lots of us don’t even realize the value of many blessings that we are already been gifted! Isnt this your deep down, frequent complaint – why our prayers are not being answered? Coz they have been answered already in God’s own ways! If your child is not thankful for the gifts he’s been presented and still desires more of them from you, either you find no sense in gifting more or you find it simply annoying to get him more until he or she values all that which has already been gifted.

Nature’s law remains same for all! When we can’t value the priceless blessings we have been naturally gifted, asking for more of them will not yield much. Though luckily, many of us have been blessed already, believe me, forget about showing our gratitude, most of us could be easily and commonly seen frowning upon these blessings! Yes and kindly, do not think I am talking about people from some other planet or nation. There are good chances that YOU might be a part of the list who’ve been blessed and is still standing, waiting in queue for don’t know what……Wanna check out those blessings that I’m talking about and those you’ve unfortunately forgotten already? Here’re some priceless blessings that not many seem to value, literally. Read on….


OUR HEALTH: Do you agree or you don’t?If youdon’t see your HEALTH as a blessing, you will surely understand immediately once you lose it.Am I correct? If I am, then please read these blessings carefully and try to decode your own blessings as well before you become bless-less! Though many would nod their heads in agreement, but indeed, very few seem to believe so.

To begin with, those who don’t seem to value and appreciate health as blessing, right in the face, are those who are alcoholics, chain smokers and all those who, despite being told by their loved ones and advised by docs to avoid the unhealthy stuff completely. Mind it, these are not the only ones!

Also the ones who find it next to impossible to get up in the morning or barely take out 10-15 minutes in 24 hrs a day, in order to have a good health for a lifetime, don’t seem to see it as a blessing. Just imagine, if your loved one, god forbid, gets seriously ill, won’t you be willing to spend your entire fortune just to have your loved one back home. But remember money can’t buy you health after a while; it can only be worked upon. I have seen people with loads of money running helter-skelter from hospital to hospital to save their loved ones, but unfortunately failed. Precaution has always been better than cure. Precaution comes with your intention, cure comes with money. And it’s your intention that turns your world beautiful. Here’s a simple example:  When walking in a garden for 10-15 minutes a day, on regular basis, could help you fight gigantic and most common problems like obesity, diabetes and blood pressure, to mention a few, major reasons behind various serious ailments even leading to deaths, why do we still see millions suffering from such problems? Simply, coz they don’t care enough, no matter what!  We won’t mind spending on multivitamins capsules but will think twice before buying healthy fruits. How pity! We do understand that financial constrains do not let many of us live and eat healthily, so easily, but then going for a jog or walk do not cost and goes a long way in helping you keep fit for life. What stopping you from doing that?  All it needs is your awareness to see it as a blessing. In fact, look at some of those who value their health and do spend good time taking care of their health, despite their busiest schedules, like Hollywood stars or sportsperson. Don’t they live lives as they are blessed? They are. So are we. But we must work towards it. Value health as a blessing and simply get ready to be blessed with more beautiful things in life, automatically!    


PHYSICALLY ABLED:  Have you ever been thankful and felt yourself lucky enough to be blessed with well-abled body capable of doing anything and everything that you set your mind on? If not, please meet those unfortunate ones who either by birth or in some accident have lost their limbs or a body part that have left them handicapped for life. If you are being blessed with well abled body, there’s no reason why you or many others should give up easily. You’ll be surprised to see how disabled sometimes seem to enjoy life more than those who are fortunate enough to have all in their favor. Instead we should use our body for the much bigger purpose in life – helping others. “When you see a father on wheel chair being driven by his son or daughter or a paralyzed child handled by their family…it makes me feel so fortunate and blessed to have me and my children’s body perfectly normal. It’s a clear cut blessing,” says a college going student from Washington DC. While her friend interestingly adds, “When I see those special people smiling and physically abled people like us crying about our personal or professional lives, frankly, it looks to me that we are handicapped while they are completely abled.” 

Remember, blessings come in a form of responsibility, relation, family extensions, work and a good health. Being capable or in a position to help others is a privilege that only blessed souls enjoy. So, please consider yourself downright lucky to have your body, fit and fine, capable of attaining anything and everything that you want. Just hard work is what you need to put in…rest all has been put in place for you by almighty. So be thankful and see your blessings getting multiplied ….


OUR SWEET, LITTLE, NAUGHTY KIDS: These days, there are so many parents out there who can be seen complaining about kids all the time – from dropping them to their schools to having them at home on a holiday. It seems to irritate so many. How can blessings be frustrating or a reason for separation amongst parents? So, let’s accept that either we are not mature enough to understand them as a blessing or we are too incapable of handling any blessing. “I never wanted a child; my mom-in-law wanted me to have a child. Else I would not have conceived her,” says a working mother with a 5-year old daughter. To value anything as your blessing, best is to meet those who are without it. In this case, meet couples who are without kids and struggling for many years to have their own.  

One could see around and wonder why so many parents are seem stressed about their kids and feel they were better off without kids – at sex life to their financial management. Isn’t this a dejection of a blessing?  Somewhere, deep down, they think kids are the only reason they have become busier and sadly serious in life. “My brother-in-law beats his kids so much, simply out of frustration. The moment kids share their work or things to be bought for school, he gets abusive, for no rhyme or reason,” says another journo friend. Though many are seen enjoying with kids, many are seen drop dead serious – visualizing their kids as a mere responsibility and not a blessing which it meant to be. Why can’t we see our little naughty kids as a fun element that life and god wants us to add in our lives? It’s ironically true that many see their big cars and homes as privileges and blessings and don’t mind spending for them while they see their kids as a financial burden. Isn’t this true? So, please feel blessed to have kids, no matter how naughty they are. They have been gifted to add spice to your life, so enjoy each and every moment with them.        


OUR PARENTS / GRAND PARENTS:  Sadly,the ones who gave us birth,after astage and age, who should be respected as blessings are looked down as responsibility and some sort of burden. It’s sad to see how children after marriage find it difficult to stay with their parents and bear their even little expenses.

Needless to say, whoever and whatever we are today is because of our parents. Parents are the ones who went out of their way to help us save from any sort of trouble. It’s sad to see parents living alone, separated from kids and not being given their due which they have actually earned by toiling all their lives and helped kids live with dignity in the society. Again, best would be those to explain parents as blessing who are unfortunate to have either born orphans or lost their parents at early ages. “I won’t be deterred from calling children with parents, the luckiest souls, on earth, which they must value while their parents are alive,” says Jack, who lost his both parents at an early age in accident. Surely, parents are pure blessings that should be valued at all times, in all circumstances, as some privileges do not stay forever. So, feel and live every moment with parents like you are blessed and have a great life.  


EARNING WITH DIGNITY: If you’re earning and doing fine, may not be as great as you dreamt it to be, but good enough to run your family decently, you should be thankful to almighty. There areenough poor people in the worldto make you feel privileged and blessed to have work, job or earning that doesn’t let you beg.People across the globe could be seen and heard complaining about their busy working schedules.There are so many youngsters in the world who are willing to do anything any sort of job to have some earnings. Rather than wailing about a job enjoy life that comes along with it. To have a good food at night before you sleep is a privilege not many have got, even today. We should be thankful and must see work as a blessing to have it in our lives.             

Similarly, you are being bestowed with infinite blessings but unfortunately we tend to take them for granted and expect them to stay there with us for rest of our lives. But remember, blessings too have deadlines and expiries! Thanking and valuing them more and more is the only way to increase the longevity of your blessings. Simply, be thankful for what you’ve been blessed with and believe me, you’ll be amazingly surprised to see them multiplying much faster than you could even dream of.  

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