Good Health



“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”
– Aristotle

‘Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy and wise’ – This might have become clichéd for you by now, but if it still hasn’t woken you up early morning, in so many years, just imagine what have you done to yourself – more than to your body, to your brain. Isn’t? Isn’t this irony  that despite the world’s famous names have lectured on the benefits of getting up early, lots and lots of us could not understand and gather the strength to wake up early? Ever tried to get to the roots of your problem? Here we bring you the tips and tricks that if you follow honestly could work wonders. So, try inculcating the habit of getting up early – though slow and gradually, and turn around your life, literally.

FOR GOD’S SAKE, BE HONEST: To begin with, please be loyal to yourself. Most of my friends who couldn’t get up early morning on regular basis were the ones who frankly never wanted to look great. The ones who were health and look conscious and wanted to come across as a person who leaves some sort of impact on others were actually the ones who could get up early morning, irrespective of what time they slept a night before and could be seen playing or running the grounds or walk in gardens. So what I meant to say by being honest is, if you just wish to look great without putting in the hard work, it simply means, your looks don’t seem to matter you at all. Just because many get up and go out or work out, you too whimsically want it. Remember the rule boss – if you need to pick up your own little penny, you will bend your head, neck and back to pick that small penny up, and how could you not wish to bend even a little to pick up your priceless health? So, if you really wish to attain something, you will not find working little hard for it a big hurdle. Instead anybody in this world would be happy to pay a small price for something that deserves much more! Yes, when docs tell you to walk every morning in order to avoid expensive knee-replacement, then probably you’ll understand what price does your waking up early could save you. Right? And that’s not all there are Pandora of benefits, if you are an early riser. 

SPORTSMAN SPIRIT IS MAGICAL: You need to feel it, to understand the power and magic of sports man spirit. Initially,when I started running just a run of less than a kilometer in my university used to make me completely tired. But then watching other girls and boys running tirelessly for hours always made me follow their techniques. I realized their slow pace in the beginning not only help them save lots of stamina for their further running but also their slow running for sometime used to make their legs come in that habit of a running motion that after a while make them actually forget that they have been running for hours. Later when I met them, I found out that they were marathon runners. I was lucky to have followed in their footsteps. After running for barely a few months, I used to run close to 10 kms followed by regime of other workouts.  Everything has its technique. So, once that technique is learnt, most of your problems will go up in air. And if you learn that Beckham or Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Bryan Adams, they all have mastered the art of techniques to help them become what they are. And just practicing regularly, will end most of your woes in life. Don’t quit if you lose, return better with more belief in yourself… will follow with practices.

BE LIKE A CHILD, LIVE LIFE THOROUGHLY: Isn’t this something that has crossed your mind may times in these stressful times?  A child loves life with great enthusiasm while we adults get into too much of reasoning mode. Without a doubt, it’s the enthusiasm of a child that keeps him go out and explore the world throughout the day and if you tell him or her go out and play, he or she while rubbing their eyes will be seen walking out of the door. Have enthusiasm of a child. We understand that running helter-skelter in offices for your work and for money, in particular, have robbed you of your passion for life that you had when you started your career. But I would still request you to bring back your passion for life. In fact, just getting up early a few times, would help you see what you are losing out on. So, please try get up early morning for the next few days right away, no matter what time you go to bed a night before and see the wonderful world and your turn for good in making life quite wonderful.

DON’T BE TOO LATE IN HITTING BED AT NIGHT: Once you understood the above pointers, make sureyoudon’t get to late to hit the bed often. You are a human being and don’t expect yourself to be a robot who could sleep at 2 am or 3 am in the morning and get up at 5:30 or 6 am the next morning. Don’t put yourself on test at early stages as this would only reaffirm your faith in sleep. Be aware that you have to get up early and going to sleep late could lower your chances of hitting the ground next morning. The richest of soccer players or baseball players couldn’t afford to sleep late night. Just think where you stand. It pays a looooottttt to work hard and it, literally, pays extra if you do it early in the morning while the world is still sleeping and dreaming. Be disciplined a bit. That’s it.

BE POSITIVELY DETERMINED: There are various ways that great writers share to help one get up early – like keeping the alarm clock far from bedside, shoes and clothes ready on your bedside and don’t think too much while waking up early in the morning and so on but I believe though they are of great help I have seen many shutting off the alarm and without giving a thought going back to sleep. Determination is the foremost trait that you need to fight your own problems, if you are determined enough, nothing could stop you ever and if you aren’t firm enough, the no matter what you do, you’ll end up back in bed, getting obese and going on cribbing about life and its toughness that it poses. Remember, to tackle anything one needs a technique and determination to overcome any damn problem. So, please be mature and firm in deciding what you would like to do next morning – sleep and dream or wake and live.

Without a doubt, going google brings you an endless list of benefits of being an early riser. But like looking at any beautiful picture of a place or a babe online, doesn’t take you there, (I know that’s sad) similarly simply reading won’t make you get up early, your own will to do and follow such guidelines could make you incredible. If you read and follow well written articles properly, and various such websites could open the world of info that could be magically beneficial without spending a single penny. So, make the best use of such articles and turn your life into your dream life. So, are you ready to wake up early and see the sunrise right before your eyes? Have great mornings ahead….

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