TIKTOK Viral Beauty Trend- Face Taping for Instant Face Tightening

Big applause to some of the smart social media creators, we’re changing up the way we use foundation, apply our concealer, and shop at the drugstore. TikTok (False or True) is the new answer to our burning questions about beauty, health, and fitness fads. Sometimes we see a video that goes viral and starts taking our social feeds. The latest example that has recently taken over TikTok is Face taping to smooth wrinkles. The hashtag #facetaping has racked up almost 7 million views and features two types of trends: (1) face-lift tape that impersonates the effects of temporary face-lift and (2) face taping to hide wrinkles overnight.

What is face taping for fine lines?

Before the specialists get into the nitty-gritty, of course you don’t need me to tell you that there is nothing wrong with wrinkles and fine lines. They’re a perfectly natural and normal part of ageing but I understand they do bother a few of us. If that’s you too, read on…

This trend is pretty straightforward- it involves applying a scotch tape to any areas of the face where you want to remove file lines and wrinkles such as near the eyes and on the forehead. It is supposed to be worn overnight. The idea, according to a few plastic surgeons, is that the tape will keep the facial muscles in place, limiting the movement, therefore, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Does face taping actually work to remove wrinkles and fine lines?

Like many TikTok hacks, the benefits of taping the face are anecdotal. “Putatively tape can smooth the skin and keep it soft over night so we aren’t forming wrinkles,” says an expert. “However, it can’t really stop the skin unless it’s super tight (very uncomfortable also). Even then, we’d look for a study or trial to prove its advantages.

According to another expert, facial taping can actually cause negative impact when it comes to reducing fine lines. “By taping the face to hold muscles tightly, we are not stopping the muscles from movement. Instead, we are adding the resistance to work against. This makes the muscles to become stronger and work harder. In turn, this will speed up the formation of wrinkles and lines.”


Any side effects of face taping?

“The ingredients used in a scotch tape (especially the harder ones which you want not to come off during sleep) are not meant for the skin,” says a renowned surgeon, “and in some cases, it may cause redness, irritation, sensitivity and even acne.” In fact, when removing the very sticky and strong tape, there is always a risk of tearing off a layer, which can further result in underlying pigmentation and scarring. Ouch!

Not Google, but TikTok is the new fountain of knowledge these days, especially for youth. But for every effective beauty tip on it, there’s also a rather questionable one. There is no shortcut to beauty. So, in my opinion, don’t fall into the trap and instead, add a good retinoid in your daily skin-care routine to enhance the skin’s elasticity.