Having a beautiful girl by one’s side is a dream that most guys would simply die to live. But, ironically, while some succeed everytime they approach opposite sex, some, unfortunately, failed the test whenever they take a step closer to their dream girl. This leave some guys pretty perplexed with what is that they are missing out on while other friends of his are quite comfortably going around and enjoying their relationships. So, here we bring you some sure shots tips that would not only help you get a girl friend but also give you various opportunities to impress many women around. Yes, we are not kidding and following these simple changes in attitude and day to day habits could make you go from single to double, quite sooner that you could expect. Here are some simple tips how you too can have life full of love…  

Nothingwins a girl’s heart than a well mannered gentleman. Don’t think your macho-ness will work more than your gentleness. So, try to be a good natured and well mannered with surely tenderness that will work wonders for you. Girls being soft and tender themselves generally get attracted to the one who carries similar characteristics, with loads of caring attitude. Care, concern and being chivalrous are some of the traits that mostly all girls would love to have in their boyfriends. So, if you are a well behaved dude, be assured someone must be keeping an eye on you and sooner or later you’ll be approached too. Time to smile…..

Oh man! This is something that girls love to have in their partners. In this world bursting of stress, anybody who can bring smiles on people’s face is bound to be loved by many. So, those guys who are comical and funny make space for themselves in everybody’s heart and mind much faster and quite easily. So, try to be cool in reality in real life. Seriousness is good but not so much that it doesn’t let you smile often. So, if you believe in being funny and making others happy, there are good chances are that you’ll win somebody’s heart and you will not stay single for long.

It might sound contradictory but it isn’t at all!Why?Here, tolove yourself, simply means don’t let yourself come across as someone who doesn’t care about the clothes he wear or how he looks. Coz if you are not concerned about yourself, it also implies that are you are neither spending time on keeping yourself fit nor you’ll be able to look hale and hearty. Taking good care of one own self makes one come across as a person who’s worried about his health and so he’ll be same for his partner too. Sounds good! The better you feel, the more you can help someone live a better life. So, being in love with one own self is first and foremost in order to make other person fall for you. Makes sense….

Won’t you love someone whoin a jiffy extends his helping hand everytime, someone needs it? So do girls, guys. A person helping someone – be it an old lady crossing the road or some vendor picking up his heavy bags, a helping hand is rare to find these days. So, if you are a man who’s always willing to help people in distress, there are good chances that somebody will soon extend her loving hand. But remember; don’t be fake at all and don’t do things not only to impress a girl around. Fakeness will never help you get a good girl friend and even if it does, be ready to lose her and change your status from ‘engaged’ to ‘back to single’.           

Girls simplylove guys who are ambitious and aspire to become someone extraordinary in life. Don’t ever think that girls would love those boys who are after girls all the time. Instead it’s exactly opposite. The less time you spend on thinking and talking about girls or following them, the more chances are you will be liked by someone, though you might not be aware of. Girls love to approach guys who are busy with their lives with friends, studies and family and balance out all things and relations quite smartly. So, even if you are planning to approach someone you are fallen for, make sure to continue with rest of your life smoothly like usually. Boys who get busy with their so called new partners in life either over phone or in person, tend to shorten their relations. So, try to spend sensible time at everything. Be aware – Never ever come across as extremely desperate.  That wouldn’t work. Live life as usual and things will fall into the right place on their own. Simply stick to your larger goals in life.

Bookish knowledge doesn’t work alone. And there’s no alternative to experience ever made. So, best way to find what will work best in one’s favor or how to approach a dream babe, try stay socially active. The more people you meet and interact with, the more you understand what is it that people want or looking at in any relationship. Overall, the more confident you become, the easier your approach to her would be. In fact, fortunately if you have some unfortunate friends who were loved and lost it lately, sharing their experiences good and bad will add to your experience and help you take a more mature and flexible approach.

Just being good to others do wonders for the guys looking out for girls out there. And you’ll be surprised if you follow any of the above tips properly and honestly, the time won’t be far when you will changes your status from ‘single ready to mingle’ to ‘already engaged’ with a smiley at the end. So, what are you waiting for? Just be good and true to the best of your knowledge, and keep your fingers crossed – your time has already arrived!

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